Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paranormal Witness Season 1


Paranormal Witness is an American paranormal reality television series filmed in a documentary-style that feature eyewitness accounts from everyday people that have experienced

paranormal activity. The series premiered on September 7, 2011 on Syfy with new episodes airing Wednesdays at 10pm. Each episode is introduced as "Two stories based entirely on

eyewitness testimony".

"Emily the Imaginary Friend/the Lost Girl"

In the series premiere, in 2008, Isabella, a 5-year-old girl's friendship with an invisible ghost named Emily turns ominous and puts her family in danger in their own home. Next, a mother and

daughter relive an encounter in 2004 on a desolate dirt road where a local teenage girl died in a car crash.

"Haunted Highway/Kentucky UFO Chase"

In 1994, a ghost of a woman who appears totally naked provides a clue into the tragedy of a mother and son who went missing for 5 days while driving on Highway 50 by mile marker 16

near Placerville, California. Next, the story of a police helicopter on a routine flight over Beutil Road near Louisville, Kentucky which may have come into contact with a UFO in 1993.

"The Poltergeist/Watched in the Wilderness"

In 2006, a family is harassed by a malevolent poltergeist in their new home in California. Then, a former deputy sheriff tells the tale of an unidentified creature he encountered alone in the

Cascade mountains of the Oregon wilderness in 1997.

"The Haunting of Mansfield Mansionl"

When a woman begins renovating a run-down Connecticut mansion on Black Creek Drive in 1994, she awakens the evil spirits already living inside, and later discovers the home was part of

the Mansfield Training School, a mental asylum that opened in 1860.

"The Dangerous Game/Trumbull County UFO"

A night of UFO sightings and strange lights in the sky first over Sampson Drive a quiet residental neighborhood in Liberty, Ohio, are documented on archival police radio recordings at the

Trumbull County 911 Dispatch in 1994. Next, a malevolent spirit called "Vox" summoned from a Ouija board terrorizes a young family in their own home in Virginia starting in 2008, causing

them to call in a Native American spirit guide to cleanse the house a few years later.

"The Rain Man"

In 1983, a Monroe County Prison convict allowed out of jail to attend his grandfather's funeral finds himself the victim of demonic possession giving him the power to make it rain indoors.