Thursday, January 5, 2012

Courageous 2012 announcement by Princess Kaoru Nakamaru

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru in Japan talks about the coming times. Why would the Universe cause fear and panic? Isn't all creation build of LOVE. All fear based thoughts,manifestions are all created by the ego. Ego is also a part of creation. You can choose what side you want to be on. FEAR (ego), or LOVE..When it comes to the underground bases, according to many sources these bases have been taken out, and there was/is many more that she didnt talk about. You be the judge here. One thing is true tho. We really need to unite, and start focusing on the positive, love, forgiveness,trust, compassion etc.

How you act and behave, think and say, you are projecting it onto others, so the way you are to others, that is a reflection of yourself, how you feel, is what you want others to feel. When we all start to act,behave,say,feel,connect with our hearts etc, we all understand eachother, no fear, no disbelief, no mistrust, no lies, no me and you, no confusion. Thats what this means, we are all one. Its a we thing. Unity, the collective consciousness in balance and harmony. Do you understand??




.PRINCESS KAORU NAKAMARU of Japan. Invites you to join us for this unprecedented gathering for the "Future of Humanity".

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Password : PrincessKaoruNakamaru2012

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru of Japan has traveled to 186 countries to meet world leaders, royalty and business tycoons to? promote world peace. She has published 40 books and describes her personal spiritual outlook on life and the after-life.